Preschool for Three’s Coconut Grove and Coral Gables

Ages: 3-4 (Must be 3 by Sept. 1)


  • Five day: 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Three’s can also participate in Enrichment Programs and Extended Day offerings

Staff to child ratio: 1:8

Program description:

Three-year-olds are enjoying an explosion of learning and social-emotional development that deepens for the next few years. Teachers work with children to help develop their growing competence to express themselves through verbal language as well as through drawing, painting, dance, movement, blocks, socio-dramatics, collage, sculpture, writing, and much more.

Three-year-olds’ growing expressive and receptive abilities, self-help skills and conceptual understandings are maximized by being partners in the design and evolution of their education. Often this is done in project-based learning where children, teachers (and often parents) inquire together about something they care deeply about (it could be something like the colors and textures of nature or the care of a classroom pet and concepts of nurturing others) and study it deeply through observation, conversation, and representation.

Significant focus is placed on the dispositions of learning or habits of mind that lay the foundation for life-long learning.

* Students are not required to be potty trained.

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